Since opening in 2012, we have have worked with many amazing people on a variety of projects, see below a selection of samples of our work as well as some familiar faces that have worked in Headline Music Studios...



Deep Purple

Recorded strings and keys with Don Airey for Deep Purple's 2017 album, 'InFinite'. Engineered by Piers Mortimer, produced by Bob Ezrin. 

Don Airey & Friends

Recorded and mixed all of Don Airey's 2018 album, 'One Of A Kind'. Engineered and mixed by Piers Mortimer, produced by Don Airey with Piers Mortimer.

Laurence Jones

Recorded Laurence Jones album's; "What's It Gonna Be" and "Take Me High", as well as the music video for 'Got No Place To Go'. Engineered by Piers Mortimer  and Produced by Mike Vernon.

Mike Vernon

World-class recording engineer and record producer for names such as Fleetwood Mac, Eric Clapton, David Bowie and more... has worked in the studio as a producer.


Mike kindly regarded Headline as "highly recommended. An excellent and controllable 'live' room with isolation facilities too, top notch sound with an engineer who knows what he's doing. Great for a tough 'in your face' Neve sound, Laurence Jones and I loved it! Kitchen facility too with a rural feel and easy parking... What's not to like?"

Simon Efemey

Highly respected recording engineer, mix engineer and producer for bands such as Napalm Death, Paradise Lost, Obituary and more... uses the studio for various projects to record, mix and produce, making particular use of "the legendary Neve VR sound."

Stephen Bentley-Klein

Recorded industry renowned string musician (known for work on albums for Paolo Nutini and Newton Faulkner), playing on albums for Don Airey, Deep Purple, Sweet Crisis, at Headline, Produced & Engineered by Piers Mortimer.

David M. Allen

Legendary record producer, recording engineer and mix engineer for bands such as Depeche Mode, The Cure, The Human League and more... has worked in the studio as a producer with engineer, Piers Mortimer on a few occasions for a variety of projects.

Jamiroquai Band

Recorded and worked on various projects with Jamiroquai's Rob Harris for his own personal and client work as well as playing for promotional videos. 

Produced & Engineered by Piers Mortimer.

Recorded and mixed Don Broco's Simon Delaney, playing for promotional videos. Produced & Engineered by Piers Mortimer

Simon Delaney (Don Broco)

Recorded and mixed Whitesnake's Bernie Marsdon, playing for promotional videos as well as his own personal promotional material. Produced & Engineered by Piers Mortimer

Bernie Marsdon (Whitesnake)
Simon McBride

Recorded and worked with Simon on session work for many projects, including Don Airey & Friend's new album, as well as recording and mixing promotional videos and Simon's own personal promotional material. Produced & Engineered by Piers Mortimer

The Look
Chris Porter

Veteran record producer and recording engineer for artists and bands such as Wham!, Elton John, Take That, Simple Minds, Alfie Boe, Tina Turner and more... has worked on projects in the studio with Piers Mortimer.

George Nicholson

Industry renowned record producer and A&R for Warner Brothers, recording engineer and mix engineer for bands such as Black Sabbath, Bonnie Tyler, The Dream Academy and more... has worked in the studio producing the new Morganway album.

Ace (Skunk Anansie)

Notorious guitarist for Skunk Anansie and record producer, Ace has been in the studio to play on various recordings as well as produce a variety of projects at Headline.

Ace was kind enough to leave us a testimony stating that "In these days of scratchy laptop recordings, a warm fat analog sound is a must! Headline not only offer excellent facilities, including a fantastic Neve desk, but also the technical expertise and production skills of Piers Mortimer. An excellent all in one package!".

Recorded, mixed and mastered The Look's 2012 album, 'Tunes and Stories' as well as re-mixed and mastered a revision of "I Am The Beat". Produced & Engineered by Piers Mortimer


Jakko Jakszyk (King Crimson)

Recorded and worked with Jakko and producers on session work for various projects and as well as recording and mixing Jakko on promotional videos. Produced & Engineered by Piers Mortimer

Nick Harper

Recorded and Mixed Nick in the studio for promotional videos. Engineered and

mixed by Piers Mortimer.

Hart McLeod Publishing

We work very closely with Hart Mcleod on a huge variety of projects, acting as the main studio for recording and 

mastering voiceover recordings for their 

curriculum educational materials

(iGCSE, MIELTS, Empower Series), business information packs and more...


Hart McLeod and Headline Music Studios work with top London voiceover actors and casting agencies, as well as having contacts for voice actors for any language, dialect and age for any project.  

Visit our Voiceover page to learn more...

Sweet Crisis

Recorded and mixed all Sweet Crisis releases, including their 2018 album. Engineered, mixed and produced by Piers Mortimer.


Recorded and mixed for Morganway's 2018 album. Engineered by Piers Mortimer and Chris Lyndon, mixed by Piers Mortimer, produced by George Nicholson with Piers Mortimer.

Woodley Taylor

Mixed and Mastered 4 tracks for Woodley's latest album "Breathe A Little Deeper". Mixing by Piers Mortimer.


Recorded vocals and guitar, mixed and mastered various tracks for electronic duo, Kontroversi's various EPs. Engineering by Piers Mortimer, Produced and mixed by Leo Robarts and Mark Sutton.

SJ & The Flying Pigs

Recorded and mixed two albums and EP's, for SJ & The Flying Pigs.  Engineered, mixed and produced by

Piers Mortimer.

Dopamine Jackson

Recorded and mixed Dopamine Jackson's 2018 EP.  Engineered and mixed by Piers Mortimer.

PRS Guitars / PRS Guitars Europe

We work very closely with PRS Guitars. recording, editing, mixing, mastering and producing audio and video content for demonstration and promotional videos for all of their product ranges, with the audio and videos being broadcast on large Youtube channels such as Guitarist Magazine, as well as used on websites such as Guitar World, Thomman, Andertons, PMT House Of Rock and more... 

We also provide an environment for test driving new and unreleased products as well as accommodate and record many Industry legends associated with the PRS brand.


Recorded voiceover for TomTom for one of the their voice packs in their SatNav products. Engineered by Piers Mortimer.

Land Rover

Recorded voiceover for a new SMART parking feature in an upcoming 2019 model. Engineered by Piers Mortimer.

Blue Light Blue Music

Recorded, edited, mixed and mastered many tracks for songwriting production company Blue Light Blue Music, specialising in multi-genre sync music. Engineered by Piers Mortimer, produced by Gerry Harsant.

GC Watches

Recorded voiceover for an Advert overdub for Swiss luxury watch manufacturer. 

Engineered by Piers Mortimer.

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