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Situated directly through from the main Live Room, our purpose built isolation rooms provide a controlled and tight sounding space, allowing for the separation of sounds whilst tracking bands and ensembles as well as providing a rich sounding recording for a tight drum sound, vocal tracking and voice over projects. These rooms allow us to be able to record any instrument/band/ensemble/voice over project, giving us a great degree of control over the sound of the recording.


  • Additional acoustic panelling, providing additional acoustic dampening, allowing for separation of guitar cabs, acoustic instruments, in large sessions, as well as being particularly effective for vocals, voiceover, tight drum sound and acoustic instruments.

  • Tie-line terminal, with a host of connections for both microphones and speaker cabinets, making it possible to facilitate multiple cabs and a large selection of microphones in any given session.

  • Silent/buzz free RGB LED lighting, ensuring no interference with sensitive microphones and instrument pickups whilst also being able to create a visual atmosphere and vibe that can assist musicians getting into the right headspace for a recording.



  • Distinct reversible/removable wall panels, allowing us to adapt the sound of the Isolation Rooms to suit any application. Once paired with a multitude of microphone placement techniques, it is possible to create a distinctive and desirablesound for any recording application.

  • Large sound-proof glass windows, separating the isolation rooms sonically from the control room and main live room however allowing a clear line of sight throughout the studio, particularly useful when tracking multiple musicians across the different rooms.

  • Multiple talkback terminals to accommodate large bands/ensembles with ease, 0 latency and giving the musician control over various aspects of their monitor mix, without any bleed or spill into recordings. 

Our Isolation Rooms are equipped with various features, such as:

Check out our equipment available (such as microphones, amps/cabs and other gear) on our "Overview" page.

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