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Our studio's Control Room is the beating heart of our facility, meticulously designed and constructed to offer an incredibly precise monitoring environment for recording, mixing and mastering. At the center of this room, we have our very own world-renowned analog Neve VR console, which sits alongside a rack of compressors, limiters, guitar amp heads, and premium monitoring system. With all of these powerful tools at our disposal, our Control Room is the perfect space for bands, producers, engineers, artists, and voice-over projects to have their work recorded, mixed and mastered to the highest possible standard.

Neve Right
Control Room - Central
Neve Left

  • Premium Avid 192 A/D-D/A Converters, Capturing the sound straight out of our Neve console with pristine accuracy, at the highest bit depths and sample rates possible, ensuring that even the most minuscule nuances of a recording are captured perfectly and recordings are of the highest quality. 

  • Legendary Outboard Compressors/Limiters for any sonic application, with a selection of Optical, Variable Mu (Tube) and FET types, from renowned ​industry manufacturers such as Chandler EMI, Universal Audio, Empirical Labs, Anthony Demaria Labs to name a few.

  • Large Guitar Amp Head Rack, featuring a large selection of amp heads to choose from when finding the right sound for any guitar, rock organ or synth, including heads from Marshall, Hughes & Kettner, Vox, PRS, Orange and Ampeg.



  • Vintage Neve VR - 60 Channel Consolefeaturing legendary analogue Neve preamps and the unmistakable Neve EQ to provide rich analogue warmth, depth and a musical sound to any recording, as opposed to the more clinically sounding recording equipment of today. Our large Neve console allows us to record and mix large projects out of the box, providing a desirable and digestible sound on any project.

  • Premium ATC monitoring system as well as our SN10 secondary monitors, together provides an unforgiving, accurate/honest monitoring system that allows us to identify any issues and produce recordings, mixes and masters that sound amazing on any playback system.

  • Pro Tools HD, Mac Pro System, equipped with some of the industries most powerful plug-in suites, such as UAD-2, Waves and Soundtoys complete suites.

Our Control Room is equipped with various features, such as:

Check out our equipment available (such as microphones, amps/cabs and other gear) on our "Overview" page.

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