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Our online mastering service is ideal if you're 

looking for a premium mastering service without a premium price. By running your mixing projects through our Neve console and analog outboard gear, we can provide rich sounding professional masters, ready for Digital and/or CD release. With our online mastering service, you can tailor your unattended mastering package to suit your needs and budget.


If you would like to book an attended mastering session in the studio, please get in touch to make a booking.


A professional master is crucial once a project has been mixed to polish, enhance and make it into a fantastic sounding release, no matter where, or how, it is heard. If you are planning on releasing your projects on platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, Beatport, CD or Radio Broadcast, we are able to provide you with a truly rich, industry standard professional sounding master.


Through the use of our analogue Neve console EQ, incredible outboard compressors/limiters and paired with some of the worlds best mastering tools, we are able to provide truly amazing sounding results.

​The studio has also been built to an optimal acoustic specification, offering an incredibly accurate critical listening environment, as well as being equipped with some of the most sought after monitoring equipment, including our ATC SCM100ASL Pro speakers.

Our online mastering service is a secure service for your music. If you are submitting a mix online that has not been mixed at Headline Music Studios, we would suggest that you click the "PREPARING YOUR MIX" button below, to ensure we are able to master your mix effectively.

The price of our online mastering service for the majority of projects we receive, remains fixed at the above price. However, we would welcome you to contact us to discuss alternative pricing, depending on the context of your projects as well as your available budget. Please get in contact with us through e-mail: 

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