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Get the best mix possible! Our online mixing service enables anyone, anywhere in the world, to have the amazingly rich sound of a Neve analogue console and analogue outboard gear to add depth and character to your sound. With our online mixing service, you can tailor your unattended mixing package to suit your needs and budget.


If you would like to book an attended mixing session in the studio, please get in touch to make a booking.

"But why should I get my project(s) professionally mixed at Headline...?"

In the age of home recording and inadequate monitoring environments, no matter what genre of music you record or produce, having a professional mix for your work will allow for the correct balancing of frequency content, levelling and stereo-imaging, as well as providing a digestible sound to the listener. A good quality mix will tie up the relationship of an arrangement and all of the instruments, transforming a good recording into a great one, also allowing for an incredible master to be achievable.


​Through primarily the use of our Neve analogue console and lots of great outboard gear, topped off with some of the industry's most incredible plug-ins, we are able to provide a premium mixing package at a very reasonable price. We are capable of mixing everything from music for singles, E.P's, L.P's, to music for your video, film or voiceover project. Whether you’re a solo musician, producer or band, we can provide you with a world class mixing service.


Our online mixing service is a secure service for your music. If you are submitting projects online that have not been recorded/produced at Headline Music Studios, we would suggest that you click the "PREPARING YOUR STEMS" button, to ensure we are able to mix your projects effectively.

The price of our online mixing service for the majority of projects is subject to consultation, in order to establish the right price quote for the work that needs to be done. We would welcome you to contact us to discuss pricing for your project to meet you project's aim and budget, depending on the context of your projects as well as your available budget. Please get in contact with us through e-mail:

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